Greetings in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  What a wonderful February God blessed us with.  We experienced powerful worship during our regular service times, as well as, great times together on Monday nights.  Thank you so much to those who provided the meals, and to all who contributed to the furtherance of the Gospel through these ministries in our church.  It was a thrill to my heart to see our church family break bread together and then spend time studying God’s Word together as well.  This was truly an Acts 2:42-43 moment in the life of our church. 


It is amazing this time of year to see life beginning to burst forth from the trees and flowers.  This is another simple, yet powerful, reminder that Jesus Christ was dead but is alive.  I encourage you to take time to thank God the Father for the amazing grace He has shown us through His Son Jesus Christ.  Also, take a few moments and express your thanks to those God has used, and continues to use, in your life to strengthen and encourage you.


The words, God loves you, seem simple.  Sometimes, as we were reminded powerfully during one of our revival services, we have grown accustomed to them.   Brothers and sisters of New Temple, you have never been loved like God loves you, and with that love he calls us to love others.  Let me encourage you, as we talked about during one of our Sunday night bible studies, God has richly blessed New Temple Baptist church with some wonderful teachers and servants of Christ.  Give some flowers while folks are alive.  Be an encourager to others in the body of Christ.


For God’s glory,


Bro. J.J.