Greetings in the grace and mercy of our risen Lord.  It is such a beautiful time of year.  Many trees and flowers are in bloom, and the colors are amazing.  All this is a wonderful reminder of the power and love of our Lord.   The Psalmist, speaking of God’s chosen people, says, “they did not remember his power…”  As we look around at the beauties of creation, let us not forget the faithfulness and power of our God. 


We begin this month by celebrating and remembering one of God’s most powerful moments, when He raised Jesus from the dead.  The resurrection of Jesus was God’s sign of acceptance of the finished work of Christ.  Thank the Lord for all the Jesus was willing to accomplish for us.  As the Apostle Paul says, if Christ is not raised we are still lost, but since He has been raised we are free from the power of death, hell and the grave.  Praise the Lord!


We are looking forward to another great month at New Temple with several opportunities to serve our Lord and His church.  One opportunity I want to remind you of takes place on April 8th.  Our church has been invited to be part of a special service in honor of Bro. Tyler King.  The church Bro. Tyler grew up in has invited us to be part of his ordination service.  This service will take place at 5:00pm at Mt. Vernon Baptist church in Albertville.  We are thrilled to have Bro. Tyler and Maegan as apart of our church family and I want to encourage you to join us in showing your support for them.


May the Lord continue to bless you all as we continue to make much of Jesus in our community and world. 


For His Glory,

Bro. J.J.

1 Cor. 10:31  

Easter Sunday Morning we had 8 Baptisms.
This wonderful group proclaimed Christ as their RISEN LORD!